Snufflepupagus - Snuffle Mat - Dense Polar Fleece & Webbing

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Meet Snufflepupagus;

Easy indoor pet enrichment for dedicated pet parents


Treat your pet to our exclusive Canadian-designed Snufflepupagus Snuffle Mat and watch their nose go wild for every hidden morsel.


Why You and Your Pet Will Love It:


Boredom Buster: Snuffy will keep your pet focused and endlessly entertained.  


High-Quality Materials: Made from dense polar fleece and sturdy webbing, specifically chosen for sturdiness and durability to withstand nibbles and washing.


Tummy Tamer: Digestion issues are greatly improved simply by slowing things down. 


Generous Size: 50 x 60 cm (20 x 24 in) offers a large foraging area. While snuffling, size does matter. 


Nostalgic Design: Snuffy is one of our beloved childhood characters and brings joy and fun to snuffling.


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Love it - Guaranteed

If for any reason you're not loving it, send it back within 30 days from purchase for a full refund.

Care Instructions

Machine Washable in cold or warm water. Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. Consider using scent-free detergent in the washer.

Pet Safety

Don't leave your pets unsupervised while they are using their snuffle mat. Dogs particularly may be inclined to eat the fabric, so be very careful to watch them while they are foraging. We recommend offering the snuffle mat as a bonding opportunity while you are present.

Tested by Our Pets

Our own cats and dogs have tested and re-tested our products to make sure they are safe and work as intended.

We know that pet parenthood comes with both rewards and challenges. Our team of pet experts can recommend helpful solutions to ensure that both you and your pets live their best life.  

Our solutions help to improve and support:

Behavioural Concerns

- Separation anxiety
- Endless energy
- Destructive behaviour
- Food guarding

Physical Concerns

- Digestive issues
- Blind or deaf
- Elderly or mobility challenged
- Unable to go for walks

Mental Wellness Benefits

Solves Endless Energy

Do you feel that you can't satisfy your pet's continuous energy? Snuffling twice a day is the key to burning that energy away and bringing more peace to your life.

Stop The Destruction

Bored dogs can be mischievous dogs. Provide an outlet through snuffling and watch the results unfold. 

Raises IQ

Just like crossword puzzles for people, snuffling provides problem solving opportunities and slows down cognitive decline.

Digestion Benefits

No More Inhaling Food

A 5 minute meal in a standard bowl will take most pets up to 20 minutes to finish when using our snuffle mats.

Happy Tummies

Many common digestive issues such as vomiting are solved by simply slowing down how fast food is introduced into your pet's system. 

Stinky Gas Be Gone

Slower food intake allows the digestive system to process food efficiently and greatly reduces stinky gas.



We'd Like to Introduce Ghost...

Ghost was once a feral outdoor cat with no hope and a broken leg. He was highly anxious, distrustful, and not used to the human touch. He's now a happy indoor boy with our loving family.

We used lots of love and patience, plus snuffle mats, treats, calming beds, lick mats and toys to win him over.

Now he's a great indoor cat and loves playing and relaxing. He tests all of our products and has found his absolute favourites that he recommends to all his friends.

30 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you're not loving it, send it back within 30 days from purchase for a full refund.

$1 From Each Purchase Goes to Support PAWS Canada

🐾PAWS does critical work to support disadvantaged and in-crisis people access the help they need to keep their pets in their loving arms.