Our Story

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Inspiration Included was founded in late 2022 by female entrepreneur, Fran Olmstead. Fran is a life-long animal lover and enjoys spending time with her cats, birds and grand-dogs. She volunteers for local rescue groups and recently befriended a special needs stray cat who is now part of her family.

We focus on solving the behavioural challenges of our beloved pets by offering easy to use enrichment options for cats and dogs.

Our small family-run business strives to inspire our customers in their every day life with our quality products. We currently ship to the United States and Canada.

 We hope we can bring joy and inspiration to your life!

From Rescuer to Founder: A Journey in Pet Enrichment

Our founder Fran Olmstead is a life long animal lover. She has befriended and cared for a number of animals including cats, dogs, birds and other small animals. She began rescuing animals at age 7 when a tiny duckling was found abandoned and alone in a local park. Her experience with animals, paired with a never-ending desire to solve problems has driven her to find solutions for pets and pet parents alike. She believes that most behavioural challenges can be solved by adding tools to pet parents arsenal. To help accomplish this, she has curated a carefully selected collection of enriching options.