My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Lately I have been pondering life's purpose. Perhaps it's due to a particular milestone birthday happening this year or perhaps I'm just at a stage where this type of contemplation fills more of my thoughts. While pondering, I kept coming back to wanting to share things that inspired happiness in my life with those around me.

Those who know me personally will be quite familiar with my social media posts about my menagerie of animals and a journey with a lovely stray cat named Ghost who I am pleased to call part of the family now. In addition I tend to love to share my exploits in the garden and being creative in various ways. Some days I have to hold myself back in oversharing and becoming that annoying friend who is too exuberant about life.

In the fall of 2021 I was lucky to spend a week at a cottage on lovely Georgian Bay. I spent hours down by the shore watching the gentle waves and the setting sun. I took a fortunate picture of the sun shining both down to the water and up to the sky, illuminating the wispy clouds. This photograph has stuck with me as a symbol of clarity that inspires me to focus on happy things and bring that feeling to others around me.

In the fall of 2022 I decided to put together a collection of products that inspire my life and the life of those close to me. At the time of my store launch I will feature pet products, particularly for cats, garden supplies and some handmade jewelry made in my home studio. I look forward to seeing how this venture develops and what other products will be added to this collection.

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