Ease Back Into Your Fall Routine

The end of summer holidays, returning to work and school is a time of change for people and pets alike. We will discuss some tips and tools to help make this transition easier on your family. Your pets will be happier and less stressed while they adjust to being alone more frequently by following some of our useful suggestions.

Maintain a Consistent Feeding Schedule:

Pets thrive on routine πŸ•. Try to maintain a consistent feeding schedule for your pets. This will help them anticipate meal times and avoid undue stress. 🍽️

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Provide Mental and Physical Stimulation:

When you're at school or work, your pets may experience loneliness πŸ˜”. To keep them mentally and physically stimulated, consider puzzle toys 🧩, interactive feeders 🐾, or even hiring a dog walker for mid-day exercise πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ. Cats can benefit from puzzle feeders and engaging toys as well 🐈.

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Create a Comfortable Space:

Ensure your pets have a comfortable and safe space to relax while you're away. This could be a designated area with their bed, toys, and water. 🏑 Adding a calming bed is a great way to offer a secure place for your pets

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Reward and Reassurance:

When you return home, spend quality time with your pets and offer praise and rewards for good behaviour πŸ•πŸΎ. This positive reinforcement will help them associate your return with positive experiences. 🏑

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Keep the Goodbyes Short and Sweet:

As much as you love your pets 🐢🐱, try to keep your goodbyes short and sweet 😊. Overly emotional farewells can make your pets anxious. A calm and confident departure is best. πŸ‘‹

Transition periods can be tough on pets. Be patient and understanding if your pets show signs of stress or anxiety.

Stay Connected:

In today's digital age, you can use smart cameras πŸ“· to check in on your pets during the day. This can provide reassurance and help you stay connected even when you're not at home. πŸ“²

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